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Cindy Maddera

On our way out of Sam's, the old guy checking recipes asks us if we're on a date. We laugh and say "what makes you say that?". His reply is that we look to happy to be married. I then inform him that we've been married 12 years. He then asks if we have any children and when we reply "no", he's says "that's why".

The little girl leaning against the book shelves, scrunched over a book. She has the thickest glasses. I want to photograph her.

Eating dinner with my brother and sister-in-law. Remembering the time my parents had two TVs: one for the sound and one to play the picture

Riding the scooters to eat diner at BTT's followed by tea at Coffeeslingers

Sorting through some things in our storage unit, Chris comes across a box of SciFi toys. He opens the box and says something along the lines " babies" and then kisses the air above them.

Chris's mom hollers out that she's leaving. I tell her to have a good time. Her reply is that she's not going to the casino, but a friends house. I say "OK, but you can still have a good time". She considers this a moment and then says OK.

Albert Einstein walks into Prairie Thunder bakery while Chris and I are eating breakfast. He's even wearing socks with his sandals.