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Cindy Maddera

I think I did a little bit better job of adding to the list from things that happened during the week and not just on the weekend. It's more challenging, but there's a few in there.

    Western Blots that work the first time I do them The two teen boys at Falcone's who were really nice and polite and made up a fresh veggie pizza so I could have one slice Riding Chris's broken scooter home (suck it Tow Truck!) Chris's mom saving the cantaloupe seeds because she thought I'd want to plant them Saying or doing something that makes Chris laugh and simultaneously groan because it hurts to laugh The perfect head of lettuce we bought at the Farmer's Market That little girl being carried into the store by her dad with an inflatable Giraffe under her arm Making a compost bin! Tomatoes from the Frontier The azaleas in front of that house down the street My dumb ass dog The busy, busy Farmer's Market People who think more highly of me then I deserve My new galoshes Clean yoga blankets Getting grocery shopping done on a Saturday Anticipating the food I'm going to eat at the Art Festival this week Seeing other scooters on the road Lab meetings that end early

Wow! What a list?!?