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Cindy Maddera

Ah...blessed four day work week. These should always be the norm. The list for today's entry will be my mantra to get through this week.

    Spending the day with Steph Blue toenails! Easter cookies with horrendous amounts of icing on them Taro flavored frozen yogurt Walking to a VS store with a free panty card and leaving with only the free panties Katrina's new camera (she better use it...shakes fist) My new haircut (it's really short, like really short) The queso at Big Truck Tacos (it's laced with cocaine) Riding the scooters to Big Truck Tacos Getting a kitchen floor Cleaning out some crap from our storage unit My aha moment for a t-shirt design for Threadless Finding my Fisher Price Movie projector (Oh...Wiley Coyote) Taking Route 66 to Stroud That guy that looked just like Albert Einstein Washing the dog Jicama coleslaw

    Umm...I know there's more, but I didn't get around to writing them down.