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Cindy Maddera

I am thankful that today is payday and that we can replace that tire that we keep putting air into every other day. I know it's a really basic thing to be thankful for. I am also thankful for Kleenex since this cold thing has decided to migrate out through my nose in buckets. I am thankful for the rain this morning because the veggie garden needed it and saves us from having to do it. The list of thankful today seems a bit abrupt for the week, but I think it's only because I"m surprised that I even survived this one. I took one day off to just be sick and then hit the ground running. Every day has been full and I keep thinking "I just have to make through Friday evening". I have no idea what Chris's plans are for the weekend, but mine involve laundry, grocery shopping, and sleep. Uninterrupted sleep. Sleep that doesn't involve me leaning against the wall so I can breath.

I hope that everyone gets a chance for peace and quiet this weekend. Happy thankful Friday.