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Cindy Maddera

It has been one year and three months since my last sinus infection. I was reminded of this when we came home on Monday to a sick Ms. Swan. She was sniffly, congested and hacking and asked me for some "mend-ee-sin". I thought to myself "huh...I haven't done this in over a year!". OK, I had that throwing my guts up incident, but anyone could have gotten that bug. I used to get sinus infections once or twice a month and they were guaranteed every time the weather changed. Now, things are very different. So this week, I am thankful for my health and general well-being. It seems the Universe is trying to remind with little hints this week just how important your health can be. We had a friend admitted to the hospital yesterday for an emergency angiogram for a blood clot in her brain. It's pretty scary stuff, but she's going to be OK. I am so thankful that she's going to be OK, but it really is one of those slap-in-the-face moments that remind me how fragile we really are.

This week I am grateful to myself for taking care of me and I am thankful to the family and friends I have because we take care of each other.

Happy Thankful Friday!