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Cindy Maddera

I had an entirely different entry planned for the day, until I got home last night and my husband gimped his way to the front door. He wrecked his scooter. He's OK and going to the doctor tomorrow. I expect he bruised his ribs and he scraped up his ankle pretty bad. But he was wearing a helmet, so his noggin is good.

I love my scooter and I love that Chris and I can ride scooters together, but I love my husband more. He was pretty despondent when I got home, sure that his scooter was totaled, upset that he was gimpy. After all the phone calls, we went to have the scooter towed home. I looked it over, put the key in the ignition, and she started right up. I took her on a spin around the parking lot and declared her fit to ride home.

Perfect example of things could have been so much worse. OK, so there's a dent in the side, the right blinker is busted loose (still works), and the right brake handle is wonky (that still works too). But Chris is not critically injured and the scooter can be salvaged.

I love that big dolt. Happy Love Thursday!