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Cindy Maddera

When I took this yesterday morning there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The sky was that perfect crystal blue and the sun was blinding. It was the Disney version of Spring outside. But by four o'clock in the afternoon, that perfect blue sky was covered completely with puffy gray clouds. And yes...I had ridden the scooter. But this is Spring time in Oklahoma. One day it's a perfect 74 degrees with a light breeze and the next day may possibly bring the threat of snow. It never fails. I will take the electric blanket off the bed, pack it away into storage, only to drag it out again a day later, plug it in and turn it up to bake setting.

Spring time in Oklahoma is a lesson in flexibility. It's a reminder that nothing is exactly the same every minute of every day. It's a reminder to enjoy the beauty of this brief moment because tomorrow, those pretty purple flowers may be gone. I love the colors that Oklahoma Spring times produce, but I find this is the season I struggle through the most. This is the season that I have to learn that things aren't always routine. I have to be more patient. I have to plan ahead and be a bit more prepared for the possibility that I will be riding the scooter home in the rain. I have to force down the anxious bubble that rises up with in me that frets about all the things that need to be done, all the things I've been putting off because of the weather. It's the season of waiting and it forces me to really look and see the colors of Spring.