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I mentioned earlier that while we were at the Medieval Fair, I had my palm read, but I didn't really say what the (very Gypsy like) fortune teller told me. The truth is, I've never been one to fall for the fortune telling act even though the two times I've ever tried it, I've been told some very real and serious things. It's almost like I don't want to believe; in what, I'm not sure. And I'm still not sure I'm willing or ready to put all if it down in type. A chill just ran down my spine while thinking about how to write this entry.

I suppose I'll start with what she told me. The fortune teller told me that she saw a long life ahead of me with good health. She sensed that I would be happy in marriage and inquired if I was currently married. Chris and I looked at each other and she said "oh, yes. you are very happily married". She sensed something about writing; that I should write. She saw children in my life and she saw a change happening for the good in the next 6 weeks pertaining to my job. She sensed great joy and happiness within me.

I laughed out loud at the children. In fact she insisted as I argued with her that she saw two kids in our future. I think she's sensing the kids we already have in our lives. I also laughed out loud about the writing. I've never considered myself to be a writer. I don't write. I'm surrounded by people who do or should write and I even suggested to Chris that maybe that's what the fortune teller was seeing. But Chris said that I was wrong. That I do write on a regular basis. That I write good and happy entries about things that make me happy. Maybe.

But what I've taken most to heart from this encounter is to hope. She could see that we were working on changing our home life, either through buying a new house or moving on to something new, something meaning the difference between the definition of home and a house. She saw what we were trying to achieve with out any prompting or needling questions. This is what shook my core. That moment right there. One more person saying that everything was going to be OK.

Happy Love Thursday!