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Cindy Maddera

Turns out that this is the week I wax poetically about the plants sprouting up in the garden. I went out Saturday morning to plant a few seeds and realized that my Christmas beans where popping up from the dirt. On closer inspection it seem that the spinach, lettuce and leeks are also coming in. No word yet on the parsley.

I am in shock and awe over the garden. I can't believe that we've actually grown something from seed! Chris's mom planted the starter plants I bought from the Farmer's Market last week. She got a little carried away and ended up planting on top of the leeks and lettuce, but all that stuff is coming up any way. So, we'll just have leeks and lettuce growing around our peppers. It will make picking for salads easier.

Things purchased for the garden this week:

  • marigolds (to go in around the tomatoes....heard they helped keep pests away)
  • camomile
  • Thai pepper plant
  • fennel

Seeds I planted:

  • cantaloupe
  • chard
  • cucumber
  • wheat grass

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P.S.: Parsley says "hi"