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Cindy Maddera

Saturday, Chris and I got up and went to Norman to get our taxes done. We have a friend that recently opened a tax service down there (and yes...we owe). He casually mentioned that the Medieval Fair was in town and Chris and I kind of blew it off, but then thought "Hey! Why not?". So we went over to the Jen's and hijacked them from a days worth of house cleaning to take us to the Medieval Fair.

First off, let me just say WHY HAVE I NEVER GONE TO THIS THING BEFORE?!? I mean, the people watching alone is better then the State Fair. BETTER THEN THE STATE FAIR! The weather may have been drizzly, windy and cold, but it was worth it. We wandered around gawping at the people in costume, looking at all the daggers and medieval garb, and crazy state fair styled food (did you know they had Mr. Pizza in Medieval times?). We stood in line for home made root beer and I had my palm read by a real live Gypsy. When we'd finally had enough of the wind, we headed off to Hideaway for our own version of Medieval pizza.

We had a great time and of course I took loads of pictures. You can see them all here, but here's a few for now.

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