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Cindy Maddera

This was the scene outside my window at work yesterday afternoon. It made me nervous because I'd taken a risk and had ridden my scooter to work. But those mean clouds blew over and the ride home was windy, a little bit chili, but dry. And the risk was so worth it because riding the scooter makes me so happy.

How many times do we keep ourselves from doing the things that make us happy because we're afraid of the risk? Every time I've over come my fear of the risk, I've ended up doing something that has made me happy. I always had an excuse for not doing yoga teacher training. Not enough time and definitely not enough money. But really I was afraid. Being a yoga teacher has been so fulfilling and has brought so much joy to my life and it's something I'm good at. That's just one example.

It's easier to not take the risk, particularly if it's something we know deep down that we'd be good at. But today, I'm telling you, take the risk. Take it.

Happy Love Thursday, because love is the biggest risk of all.