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Cindy Maddera

I think the consensus from every one is that last week sucked. Big Donkey Penis. How could it even be possible that I had anything to write on my happy list? Well, to be fare, most of the list stems from the weekend. But I did manage to fill the weekend with as much happy as possible.

    Ending a really bad week Kidnapping the Jens Getting taxes done (I know...we owe, yuck, but they're done, by some one other then one of us) Going to my first Medieval Fair Lunch at the Earth Cafe Eating pizza with the Jens Staying way too late over at the Jens' Chocolate cake for lunch Making cute little burritos for my lunch this week Taking and posting pictures of stuff other then myself Canceled lab meetings Monday night Co-Op dinner with Misti!

There were probably other things as usual left off this week. There usually are. Happy Tuesday!