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Cindy Maddera

Once again, I've left my list down in the car and I'm too lazy to go down to get it. I'm totally faking having high energy today. The weekend and time change has caught up and I am feeling it. I keep thinking that if I pretend to be perky and up, then I actually will be perky and up. But I'm still not trekking down to the car for the list.

    Weekend getaways Feeling like you're on an exotic vacation even though you're only a few hours away from home Our CO-OP bounty! Wow! We got a lot of yum for our buck. Getting $80 pants for $20 Sunny weather My new cute and comfy summer shoes That one day last week when we got to ride our scooters to work Buying organic carrots for some one else. It's like giving some one flowers. Chris speaking "hillbilly". Finding cool places by total accident Sneaking away for a nap

I know there's more. I actually kept track this week. But this is all you're getting today. Hope every one has a splendid day!