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Cindy Maddera

This is starting out to be a beautiful week. I see scooter rides in our immediate future and this makes me happy. But there's more to the list!

    Productive day of cleaning and sorting (all my shirts fit in the drawer now with out a fight) Watching three new movies over a period of two days The Roku box Dumping Cable The death of the big TV in the "living" room Fixing meals with Misti (we should just all move in together) Blue popcorn Knowing that it's all going to be OK Wearing my new summer shoes All the killdeer birds that have suddenly moved into our neighborhood Inviting ourselves to someones crawfish boil/ birthday party (I really can't wait!) The ability to sit on the office floor (Oh yeah...time to break open Dance, Dance Revolution baby) Getting my meditation practice back on track (got a little wonky last week)

I'm sure there's more. But as usual, I didn't start writing the list down until Sunday. Hope everyone has a great day!