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Cindy Maddera

Some time around Saturday, I realized that I had been neglecting my Happy List and putting all of my energy into my LIfe List. That's not good! Chris asked if it was because nothing had made me happy this week. No...I just hadn't written those things down. So, I present the list in no particular order this week.

  • Fixing the shower head so that we have actual water pressure all by myself
  • Starting my scooter!
  • Going to a yoga class
  • Having a student recommended to come to one of my classes by my teacher
  • Not having to turn the alarm clock on
  • Making the bed every day
  • Taking pictures of my scooter. She's so pretty and shiny.
  • Finishing my life list (will publish soon)
  • Hopefully being a good listener and supporter to a friend
  • Planning my veggie garden in my head
  • Planning our Anniversary
  • Newcastle Beer (I know it's the Bud of Britain)
  • Misti's little pig-tails
  • Joining a CO-OP
  • Weekends that seem to last forever
  • Academy Award dinners
  • purple potatoes

Hope every one is having a great week so far!