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Cindy Maddera

Some of this stuff on the list are things that carry over from the previous week. We all know why I didn't post last weeks. Moving on. Here's the list! Seeing Misti in a play! That's made the list before, I believe, but it never gets old. Watching the Olympics and crying with the athletes as they finish their run (woman's downhill--I'm looking at you) The pictures I've taken so far for my 365 day project My ticket to BlogHer Portland like weather That moment just after using my neti pot where I can smell everything Listening in on a trigonometry lesson at the book store. That tutor was so patient and engaged with his student, it made me want to go back and take trig again Making sure Austin eats something wholesome before heading off to choir contest These yoga pants I'm wearing today No great expectation days Getting involved in a new book Making meals up days in advance Trying out the pre-set oven controls Resisting the lab meeting "food" Laying around on a Saturday watching crappy movies The Earth Cafe! Finding now exactly what we're missing for tax stuff as opposed to the night before taxes are do Having most of the lab gone for retreat

Uh...Can't think of any more. Happy Tuesday!