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Because it just seems to be the thing to do, Sunday I started working on my Life List. I have been following Maggie Mason and her Life List Adventures and had just about decided to start a list of my own when Chookooloonks posted her list.

I only glanced at the first few things on Chookooloonks' list because I didn't want to copy. But I reached a lull some where around #60, so I started looking around at what other people had listed, including Chookooloonks. What I was surprised to discover was how so many of us have the same or similar things on our lists.

Also, I was surprised at just how difficult writing the list could be. It started out to be really easy and at what point I thought about making it my "50 things I want to do before I die" list because I know there are things that I will probably never get a chance to do. But this is where the list becomes important. The list is like a pact I'm making with myself to live each day to the fullest. It's a promise to get up and get out there and just do something. Any thing.

I'm up to #91 on the list, so I'm not ready to post it. But here's the first 50 (no particular order)

  1. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  2. Grow my own vegetables
  3. Move out of the state I am currently residing
  4. Learn to really use my camera
  5. Live like a native in France
  6. Learn to speak a foreign language fluently (preferably French, if I plan on living like a native).
  7. Visit all fifty states (I have 19 down, 31 to go!)
  8. Learn to scuba dive
  9. Take a Zumba class (because I think it would be hilarious)
  10. Learn Ashtanga yoga
  11. Go kayaking with whales
  12. Hike parts of the Oregon trail
  13. Learn to surf
  14. Go snow skiing at least once
  15. Go on a cross country trip on my Vespa
  16. Learn to make cheese
  17. Get my bicycle fixed and ride it!
  18. Travel on Route 66
  19. Visit Yosimite
  20. Taste 100 new wines
  21. Learn Acupuncture
  22. Raise some chickens
  23. Have a Beach Blanket Bingo themed party at the lake
  24. Buy a good swimsuit (I've avoided the purchase of any swimsuit for the last three summers)
  25. Learn to drive a standard
  26. Take a small engine repair class and learn how to do my own scooter repairs
  27. Read Bhagavad Gita all the way through
  28. Memorize the Yoga Sutras
  29. Visit Yellowstone
  30. See Mt. Rushmore
  31. Ride elephants in Thailand
  32. Camp on the beach
  33. Learn to make gravy
  34. Tour the Grecian islands
  35. Take my mom to Ireland
  36. Buy and refurbish a n old 50s styled camper
  37. Go hang gliding
  38. Be in a play
  39. Sing on stage
  40. Have a dinner party
  41. Learn how to make tofu
  42. Grow my hair out really long and then cut it all off for charity
  43. Design a Threadless shirt
  44. Learn how to can foods
  45. Learn to make pickles
  46. Try 52 new recipes
  47. Taste 100 different kinds of loose leaf tea
  48. Learn to play poker
  49. Be in New Orleans on Halloween
  50. Learn to fly an airplane

Here's to life! Happy Love Thursday!