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Have I mentioned just how hard completing this list was? It was hard. At one point I found myself listing things that I should do as opposed to what I wanted to do and I had to start all over. But I finished the list. I'm sure this isn't the final list and that this one will be edited or changed over time. I've already started on some of these. I just need to get my act together and start posting pictures and such and keeping track of things. Basically, I need to get organized.

    1. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef 2. Grow my own veggies 3. Move out of the state I'm currently residing in 4. Learn to really use my camera 5. Travel around France 6. Learn to speak a foreign language fluently (preferably French, see #5) 7. Visit all 50 states (States I've been in: Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Nebraska, Mississippi, North Carolina, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington Sate, Tennessee, Illinois, Alabama, Georgia, New York) 8. Learn to scuba dive 9. Take a Zumba class 10. Learn Ashtanga yoga 11. Hike parts of the Oregon trail 12. Learn to surf 13. Go snow skiing at least once 14. Go on a cross country trip on the scooter 15. Go kayaking with whales 16. Learn to make cheese 17. Get my bicycle fixed and ride! 18. Travel on Route 66 (a section I haven't been on before) 19. Visit Yosemite 20. Taste 100 new wines 21. Learn acupuncture 22. Raise some chickens 23. Have a Beach Blanket Bingo themed party 24. Buy a (good) swimsuit 25. Learn to drive a standard 26. Take a small engine repair class and learn how to work on my own scooter 27. Read the Bhagavad Gita all the way through 28. Memorize the Yoga Sutras 29. Visit Yellowstone 30. Visit Mt. Rushmore 31. Ride elephants in Thailand 32. Camp on a beach (real beach, not lake beach) 33. Learn to make gravy 34. Tour the Grecian islands 35. Take my mom to Ireland 36. Buy and refurbish an old 50s styled camper 37. Go hang gliding 38. Zip line through a jungle or forest 39. Sing on stage 40. Host a really great dinner party 41. Learn how to make tofu 42. Grow my hair out really long and then chop it off for charity 43. Design a Threadless shirt 44. Learn how to can my vegetables 45. Learn to make pickles 46. Jump rope on The Great Wall of China 47. Create my own perfect space in my home, just for me 48. Learn to play poker 49. Be in New Orleans on Halloween 50. Learn to fly an airplane 51. Make "yarn" from plastic bags and knit a rug 52. Learn to swing dance 53. Go on a trip with my best friend Steph, just the two of us. 54. Learn to throw pots on a wheel 55. Learn to make really good Indian food 56. Take a train trip across Alaska 57. Go sailing 58. Master that yoga move where you flip from boat back to plank 59. Visit a "coffee" house in Amsterdam 60. Do trapeze 61. Visit 100 new museums (new to me)[13 down, 89 to go] 62. Fast for Ramadan 63. Refurbish a VW Bus ( to pull the camper) 64. Go on safari 65. Volunteer for Habit for Humanity 66. Buy a new cello and re-teach myself to play 67. Visit and tour a Frank Loyd Write house 68. Volunteer at the elephant sanctuary 69. Grow mushrooms 70. Invent something new like a new drink or dessert 71. Ride my bicycle all over town 72. Ride in a hot air balloon 73. Ride in a helicopter 74. Ride burrows down into the Grand Canyon 75. Practice yoga in India 76. Learn Tai Chi 77. Feed the parakeets at the zoo 78. Bake a really good cake 79. See one of Chris's screenplays come to life on the big screen 80. Buy a sexy cocktail dress 81. Complete a year of meditation journal 82. Fly one of those really big kites 83. Make seashell necklaces for all of my friends and family 84. See a Greek Tragedy in a Greek theater 85. Host a yoga retreat 86. Tour Italy on the scooter 87. Go to that crawfish festival in Louisiana 88. Enter the oyster eating contest at the Acme Oyster House in New Orleans 89. Refinish a piece of furniture 90. Learn to change the oil in our car 91. Be at the Statue of Liberty on the 4th of July 92. Learn to make a really good vegetarian Pho 93. Have a water balloon fight 94. Go swimming with sharks 95. Make a photo book of 100 things I love 96. Go to one of those perfume places in France and create my own perfume 97. Research my family history 98. Learn to tango 99. Master a headstand (no wall!) 100. Learn to make vegan donuts

Of course, I don't plan on doing these things alone. Chris groaned over numbers 12, 21, 37, 52, 78, 79, 52, and 98. Actually, he said that number 79 wasn't fair because it was solely dependent on him. I told him to suck it. So, that's the list. Some times I get a little panicky over all that stuff, that stuff that I want to do. That's a lot of stuff. Guess I better get crackin'.