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Cindy Maddera

Chris mentioned today that lately I've been blogging on the designated Love Thursday and Thankful Friday entries. And he's right! So, since I'm doing nothing but lounging on the couch, watching The Mummy Returns, I thought I might as well write something.

Today we had planned to take our tax stuff in to a friend of ours in Norman. But as we scrounged all of our paper work together, we realized we were still missing the tax info on Chris's student loan. Bummer because I was planning on using this as an excuse to try out The Earth Cafe. Well, Chris being Chris, says "let's go anyway". So, we did and we were magically transported back to Portland to our favorite little vegan place, Paradox.

Seriously. Why? Why am I just finding this place now? I think there were two actual meat items on the menu: a turkey sandwich and a tuna melt. They use organic and local products. THEY USE VEGAN MAYO! As I finished up the last of my Fool Your Mom chk'n salad sandwich, tears welled up in my eyes. We finished our lunch with a macaroon and just as I was about to take the last bite, one of the guys from the kitchen came out with a chocolate cake. This wasn't just any chocolate cake. This was obviously homemade, with that light dusting of flour on the cake. It was beautiful.

Good food and I mean good food (ethical and healthy). Now...I'm watching House Bunny.