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Cindy Maddera

Have I got a list for you today! My new iPOD Touch (the next few things on the list all has to do with this thing) The Zen timer app for the iPOD The skee-ball game on my iPOD The "prizes" I've purchased with my skee-ball winnings. So far I have clown glasses, a spider ring, a kazoo, nail clippers, a watch and a glitter pencil. Snow days My own yoga practice Spending the day reading a really good book and finishing it (The Lacuna, Kingsolver's best) Vegan cupcakes (yeah.. this can make the list many times) Hanging out with Chris at the Drunken Fry The organic Edelweiss beer we had at the Drunken Fry Wearing one of Chris's sweaters on laundry day Taking pictures of how everything re-froze over the night Seeing our usual Sunday breakfast waiter at the bar, totally wasted. People watching at the Drunken Fry. Dude looks like a lady! Chris's silly key chain flashlight

Have a great day!