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Cindy Maddera

I am normally not a fan of the cold weather. Our winter storms are usually accompanied by high freezing winds, the kind that cut right through to the bone. But the one that hit us last week (and is still sticking around) didn't come with the winds and it allowed us to have a day off from work.

The best part about this weather is that it forces you to slow down. There's no getting any where in a hurry on our iced over roads. I was able to really rest and take a moment to really look at the snow and ice. I've been really trying to hold onto that idea through out my work week. I think I finally got my boss to understand that faster isn't always better and that I need to time to process and actually look at my results before plowing ahead to the next thing.

Hoping that this lasts, not the snow, but the slowing down. Hoping that all are having a wonderful Love Thursday