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Cindy Maddera

Oh, Hello internets. I've been MIA this week. A nasty stomach flu hit on Monday and I've pretty much have been comatose since. But I'm back from the brink of death just in time for Love Thursday.

Last Friday, Chris and I attended the opening of our friend Misti's new show Love Song. That's right. The title is Love Song. The play is funny, sweet and a little sad, but it's all about love and being open to the possibility of love. It was a great performance, though I might be a bit biased because I think every thing Misti does is awesome and great.

Being open to the possibility of love I think can be the most challenging part sometimes. This week, my husband saw me sicker then he's ever seen me. He was there to pat my head as I emptied everything from my gut and then dry heaved into the trash bin. He forced me to drink Gatorade even though I cried at the prospect. It was ugly in here, but he was there.

Obviously still a little fevery and delusional. Happy Love thursday!