This weekend has been so lazy and slow, I wish it would never end. And I have nothing really to say, so here are some snippets from our weekend.

  • Chris and I checked out a newish bar in town called the Drunken Fry. We requested a menu and sat in a corner booth of the very dimly lit bar. Chris pulls out his key chain flashlight to read the menu.
  • Tranny walks into the bar. Not a joke. Awesomeness.
  • Making our way tipsily back to the car. We clutch each other's hand and call it a Death Pact. The next day we smile at another couple as they make their Death Pact to brave the grocery store parking lot.
  • Laughing at the little girl in the laundry mat who runs up to her little sister and says "Laura, you want a tattoo? I can get you one.".
  • Chris takes a drink of orange juice and then a drink of coffee at breakfast and says the two are going to make a tornado in his stomach.

Such bliss.