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Cindy Maddera

I have a big list this week. A great list. A list that makes me grin and, well, makes me happy. People who dress up in crazy costumes for the Flaming Lips THE FLAMING LIPS! Balloons the size of boulders The drunk couple that sat in front of us at the concert (hilarious) Seeing Chrome at the concert Kissing Chris at midnight on New Year's Starting a new project Setting up my first picture for that new project Sticking with our tradition of Indian Food for New Year's Day Filling up a journal Hopefully being a good listener to a friend in need Zelda's friend telling about walking to Wal-Mart during the blizzard and wearing socks for mittens because she didn't have any gloves Having a belated Christmas with presents and every thing with my adopted family Surprising a friend with treats Playing Apples to Apples with people who really make me laugh

What a great way to start off the year.