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Cindy Maddera

Once again I let a week go by with out actually writing anything on the list. But that doesn't mean that there wasn't any thing to add.

  • Having new food night with Zelda and LT
  • Good conversation over dinner
  • Children with British accents
  • Meeting my parents for lunch, just the three of us
  • The Darth Vader Goofy and Obi-wan Mickey dolls that my sister brought us back from Disney World
  • Chris bringing me a cupcake
  • Getting a chance to read my new book (The Lacuna)
  • Making birthday plans
  • Dad and I setting all the kitchen timers to go off at various times in Pier One
  • The telephone booth at Utica Square
  • Chris eating the stir-fry I made with tofu even though he doesn't really like tofu
  • Doing more microscopy related things at work
  • That dog with floppy jowls riding in a car with his head out the window

More stuff to come.