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Cindy Maddera

Today is my mother's birthday. And even though there are times when she drives me absolutely insane, I am thankful for her and her presence in my life. She has always been there when I needed her most and accepting of that fact that she has a very independent daughter who tries to not need her. So Happy Birthday Mom! Also, today I am really thankful it is Friday. This week has been long and trying and yesterday, as I helped collect tissue samples from a mouse, I really felt like I hated my job. I know that if they would just let me do the processing and microscopy work on the samples, I'd be just fine in this lab. I already know how to run the microscope better then my boss; just let me at it. So, even though it is a bit cliche, I'm thankful for Friday. I am thankful for the being able to rest and not worry about work for a change. I am thankful for ReatRoaf night at Zelda's and the opportunity to spend some time with Mom tomorrow.

Most importantly I am thankful. Have a great weekend and thankful Friday!