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Cindy Maddera

As part of my birthday celebration weekend, I decided I wanted to go roller skating. When I was a kid, I went to the local roller rink at least once a week. I had my own pair of white skates complete with pink pom-poms on the laces. I loved roller skating. So I made a date with my best friend and her little girl, Cati, for some roller skating.

It was Cati's first time on wheels and we did a lot of practicing on the carpet. She only ventured out on the main rink a few times, but we still had a great time. For one thing, I'm really proud of Cati. She fell right off the bat and many more times after, but every time she would pull herself up, take a breath, and start again. We decided that this needed to me a monthly ritual.

It's crazy that we stop doing such traditional kid like things as we get older like roller skating or even blowing bubbles with Bubblicious bubble gum. Today's Love Thursday is dedicated to the childish and the perseverance to be child like.

Happy Love Thursday!