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Cindy Maddera

I had a completely different picture planned for today, but it just didn't happen and I'm not going to even whine about it. Because really, I couldn't do the idea justice. I just don't know how to photograph the love and good wishes sent my way yesterday.

Yesterday, I turned 34. No big deal. I'm not the type to fret over age. It was a pleasant day. I did things at work that I enjoy doing like preparing microscope samples and actually getting to use the microscope. What made the day special was that every time I came back to my desk to check email and what not, there would be a new birthday message from some one. They all made my heart glow.

The previous night I had a dream where I was given a huge gift bag. The bag was taller then me, it was that big. It was full of seeds, seedlings and plantings, all to start my very own garden. Everything I needed was in that bag. The bag was a gift from all of my family and friends. The dream was beautiful. I love you all.

Happy Love Thursday!