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Cindy Maddera

To write an entry about Love Thursday after the events in Haiti seems a bit trivial. But if any thing, I think it makes it more meaningful.

Last week it was so cold here that our washer froze and by Sunday it still hadn't thawed out. So, Sunday morning, Chris and I loaded our dirty clothes in the car and headed to our old Laundry Mat. The weekly laundry mat trip used to fill me with dread. It seemed like such a hassle, but for some reason I was actually happy to go this time around. I'm pretty sure Chris had something to do with this.

While our clothes spun in the washers, we planned our next trip to Portland and making a list of things we need to see and do when we go. We had two peaceful hours of laughing and planning mingled with working together to complete the laundry chore. It was even almost like a date.

While talking about the horror of the earthquake in Haiti one of my colleagues said that it just goes to show that life can change in a blink. Every day is a blessing. It's easy to sit here and complain about a frozen washer; silly really. I have so much and I am blessed that my loved one is safe and whole. I am blessed that he is with me even through the mundane tasks of life.

Hold those you love close and remember it can all change in a blink. Love...Thursday