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Cindy Maddera

Ok, so a couple of years ago I wrote this entry about finally buying smaller underwear. You think I would have learned something from that whole experience, but no. Nothing. I learned nothing.

The other night I was in VS with Zelda, buying my annual new underwear (something I do at the beginning of every year). My current cotton panties were getting baggy and loose and down right annoying. I figured they were just worn out, but on a whim I asked Zelda if this might mean I needed a smaller size. She gave me one of those looks like "are you sure you're not really blond?" and said "uh...yeah". I'm not trying to toot my own horn and be all "Hey look at me and all that weight loss" because I just don't feel like I've changed that much in the last couple of years. Also it just never crossed my mind that I would ever wear size small in VS underwear. I know people with way smaller asses then mine and I'm wondering if they can even find underwear that's not in children sizes. I'm thinking that VS is trying to make every one feel a little bit better about themselves and that size small is really size medium. All this to say that apparently my butt is smaller then it was two years ago.

But that bra I bought. The one with all the elephants on it. The one that I knew would be too small, but bought any way because it had all those little pink elephants on it. Totally does not fit. At. All.