What an odd week it seemed to be. Short work week and being snowed in. It all seems so surreal. I sat down to write this entry and realized that I hadn't added anything to the list. Nothing. Nada. But there were things that made me happy last week. I swear it. Being lazy for two whole days Watching This American Life on the Roku Snow on Christmas Eve (yes, I know it was crazy and messy, but it was really pretty) Buying this year's shrimp from our local fish market. Best idea. The shrimp were really good and the guy even cooked them for us Having a "no obligation" Christmas Having belated family Christmas dinner on Sunday with oysters and shrimp Dad telling us about getting stuck in his neighbor's ditch and having another neighbor pull him out with a tractor My parent's fireplace Christmas nachos Our dog in the snow Holding Heather's hand as we walk through an icy patch in a "if I go, you go" pact. Hooper's snores