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Cindy Maddera

Yesterday, I started my job in a new lab and I'm about to (kind of) break the "no blogging about work" rule. First of all, I had all these anxieties about fitting in this lab. I am not the confident wise old bird I appear to be. I have insecurities and part of me thought that I just wouldn't be smart enough for this place. But, you know what? I think I just might work out in here. I think the biggest thing I'm having to get used to is the number of people in this lab and the lack of music. I'm also having a little bit of a tug-o-war game with one of the post-docs I'm helping out. He's not used to my way of doing things (even though they work) and I'm not all that into doing things his way. I was just really used to my own things. Also, they are really big glove wearers and worriers. I just freaked one girl out because I touched a gel box with out wearing gloves. She's convinced that I am now going to die from cancer. Poor thing.

Any way, all of this is to say I was silly. Things are going OK and I was even able to sneak away for a walk today. I still miss Robin and my old lab, but both are just down the hall.