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Talk turned to Nanowrimo Saturday night as we sat around the campfire eating burnt marshmallows with the Jens. I was asked if I would be participating this year or at least participating in NaBloPoMo. And the simplest answer is No, no, aaannnndd NO.

My reasoning is just as simple as my answer: I am not a writer. I have zero grand creative ideas of becoming a published author. The only reason my name is on publications today is because I did all the science work and someone else did all the writing. Yes...I know I write this blog, but this isn't actual writing. This is me talking or having a conversation with friends on the other side of the planet who I can't see every day. Which leads into why I'm not involved with NaBloPoMo.

Well, have you heard of that book by Maggie Mason called No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog? If I had to blog every day for a month, this place would turn into a running commentary of not just what I had for lunch, but also for breakfast, supper and in between meal time snacks. Also, the blog is a relatively stress-free zone. Turning it into a daily event would lead me to too much panic and that would lead to the inevitable entry about how many times I pooped in one day.

Now, this isn't to say that I am against any of these two creative endeavors. I will be personally kicking someone in the balls if he bails out on Nanowrimo this year. And I will be cheering on all of my friends who are involved with the project because I think they are all brilliant and fabulous and I can see really good things coming to them from their labors. So good luck all you Nanowrimoes and NaBloPoMoes! I'll be the cheerleader with the megaphone.