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Cindy Maddera

I've noticed that this last week I'd forget to add to the list. may seem short today.

  • Finishing the Y's employee wellness challenge and not having to wear a pedometer all the time
  • Making breakfast for dinner with Chris
  • Finishing Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (that book took me forever to read!)
  • Teaching my Wednesday night class
  • Biker guy on a scooter
  • The weather
  • Knowing that all I have to do on Thursday night is to put a pizza in the oven
  • Finishing the fifth book of the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (these books are darling)
  • Hearing the bell ring that opens the Farmer's Market
  • Eating a cinnamon roll from the Farmer's Market that tastes just like my Mom's
  • The baby carrots and mushrooms I bought at the Farmer's Market
  • Running into my boss at the Farmer's Market
  • Getting a call from Thomas because he needs to "talk to a scientist" for a class project
  • Seeing Chris make even more progress on the office
  • Making a pot-pie with biscuit top in the crock pot
  • My fuzzy Angora socks
  • Finishing good books

That fifth book to the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency is called The Full Cupboard of Life. It couldn't have come into my hands at any better of times. May all of our cupboards be as full.