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Cindy Maddera

  • Pink Martini
  • Ari Shapiro from NPR
  • Ira Glass for This American Life
  • Amy's enchilada casserole
  • Introducing friends to my food lifestyle
  • Carving pumpkins (I think I had this on last week's list too)
  • Sitting at the dinner table with Chris and Zelda and crying over The Biggest Loser
  • Fixing a camera lens by myself
  • A weekend where crap gets done
  • Driving in the car by myself and singing along with the radio
  • Chris coming to my rescue when I lock my keys in the trunk
  • Buying broccoli that had a few flowers on it from the Farmer's Market
  • Having that morning to myself
  • Creating a Goodwill pile
  • Unclogged bathroom sinks
  • Hanging out with the Jens
  • Falling asleep on the Jens' couch with their dog Leela
  • Once again leaving a party smelling like campfire smoke
  • Time change!
  • Brunch at Ingrid's
  • Waking up bright and happy and ready to go
  • The sound of Hooper's tail thumping against the wall as he waits for me to get his new bone out of the package
  • Watching Hooper wander around the house looking for a place to bury is new bone
  • Thinking of this beautiful day and smiling while teaching yoga class
  • Experiment dinner night
  • Having experiment dinner night turn out ugly but very very tasty
  • Using my food processor to grate things
  • Knowing that dinner is all ready cooking in the crockpot for tonight
  • Wow! That's quite a list I've got going there. And yes, I realize I've blogged every day this week so far. So far.