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Cindy Maddera

I have a huge list today.

  • Walking and chatting with Robin (really going to miss this)
  • Wandering around taking pictures for Love Thursday
  • Riding the scooter
  • Singing "All the Single Ladies", the Pomplamoose while riding the scooter
  • Channeling Chris's brain waves
  • Doing something girlie like The Girlie Show
  • Saturday morning breakfast with Chris
  • Listening to my favorite NPR shows on Saturday mornings
  • Subbing that morning yoga class on Saturdays, but only on occasion
  • Sharing 105degrees with Amy
  • Spice C smoothies with Cayenne pepper
  • Sampling each others' food
  • Sharing Green Goodies cupcakes with Amy
  • Helping Amy pick out Christmas ornaments
  • Planning out ornaments for my Christmas tree for when we move and we have our own home
  • Picking out crap to decorate Chris's sweater
  • Ice cream for dinner
  • When Chris makes Mac-n-cheese
  • Watching an on demand movie (I ordered on accident, so I had to watch it)

Maybe is just seemed bigger on paper.