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Cindy Maddera

I spent the weekend in Dallas with my mom, sister and sister-in-law. And as of right now, I've been staring at that last sentence for about twenty minutes trying to figure out what else to say about this, or what else I can say about this. First of all, the shear act of just trying to get all of us together to go on this trip had been like herding cats.

Again...I'm at a blank as to what to write. Maybe I should say Mom, if you are sick with something like, I don't know, SHINGLES, you should probably call and cancel. It's OK. Really. There will be (maybe) other trips to IKEA. In fact, the next time I'm there, I will personally bring you back a pack of scissors (she buys a pack of these every time she goes to IKEA - don't ask). But seriously. Nothing is more important then your health (I'm typing this like she's actually going to read this).

You know? I think I'm going to just wrap this up with I bought some stuff this weekend. Mostly food (Whole Foods...I love you!). I'm really exited about the stainless steel kettle I purchased from IKEA so I can make cheese. We ate well, too well and we laughed lots. And that about sums things up.