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Cindy Maddera

Things are about to get crazy on the home front. I'm pretty sure the kitchen gets demolished this weekend (one can never tell when dealing with these people). I've been pretty winey about the inconvenience of it all and this is a very poor attitude, something I've had towards a lot of changes coming my way in the next few weeks.

My meditation mantra for the last week has been "I will accept and embrace change". I've found change a bit easier to accept when I can find the silver lining behind the change. remodel equals inconvenience, but I am thankful that by the end there will be a brand new kitchen to work in. One of the biggest things I had against moving in with Chris's mom was her kitchen. I found it terrifying and there were cabinets that I just didn't open. Every thing was sticky and cluttered and (in my opinion) unclean. A new kitchen, brand new from the floor up, is a clean slate. I am so thankful for this, I might even feel comfortable enough to have people over for dinner.

I am also thankful for my new job. My new boss caught me in the hall after an evening yoga class this week and we started talking about projects that she wants me to work on. I'll be doing a lot of new things, but still be doing microscopy and I'm very excited about getting to learn some new microscopy techniques. I feel better about the job (even though I still have the old insecurities floating around). Plus, in today's economy, I am very blessed to have a job at all.

I will accept and embrace change. Have a wonderful weekend and thankful Friday!