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Cindy Maddera

So, I'm not much of a girlie girl. I've never worn much makeup and I wear yoga pants at least five days out of the week. But occasionally I do like to get all glamed up and hit the town. Tonight I am attending the Girlie Show with my friend Traci and in honor of the Girlie Show I plan on looking a little more....well...girlie. I guess you can say that I'm thankful for the rare opportunities where I get the chance to be girlie and play dress up.

Also, I am thankful that my friend Amy can finally come up and eat with us at 105degrees. I am so excited to share this place with another vegetarian. Plus, I haven't had the chance to go back after the last time we went.

I am thankful for this beautiful day and being able to ride the scooter to work. I am thankful that I'm only working half the day even if it's so I can get a jump start on building our temporary kitchen (I'm thinking it will take me an hour, then a nap). I am thankful for my beautiful sister-in-law who celebrated a very monumental birthday yesterday. She's amazing.

I am just very thankful this Friday.