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Cindy Maddera

There's a lot of construction going on in the area where I work. This is a new research tower being built just outside my window. Some days I sit mesmerized by the amount of support and scaffolding required for this project. And there are times when I think that there's no way that building is going to remain upright when they take all of that scaffolding down. But of course, it will.

My mood has lifted and I've just learned to live with the chaos going on around me, but I think it would have taken a lot longer to get to place of ease with out all of my own personal scaffolding, my fiends that have been there to listen to the whines and bitches. I hope that I, in turn listen half as well and support them as well as they do for me.

I was asked once what my spiritual view was or is. My reply was that we are not in this alone. That there's a reason we were all on this planet at this time in space together. That we need each other. With out the scaffolding it would all just come crashing down.

Happy Love Thursday.