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Cindy Maddera

Last year Chris and I were on our own for Thanksgiving. This was early on in my vegetarian days and I was excited about preparing our meal. And even though I wasn't eating turkey, I cooked the most beautiful (and, according to Chris, tasty) turkey breast that it could have been put on the cover of a food magazine.

I think one of the best benefits of becoming a vegetarian has been it's affects on my cooking skills. I've had to learn to be really creative with our meals. I try out new recipes on a daily basis. Our meals are more colorful and varied and even Chris (still an omnivore) is satisfied. It's actually become a joy to cook.

This year we are having Thanksgiving at my parents house. I am bringing two things to the meal: baked squash casserole and a vegetarian field roast that Chris and I like to cal Froast (thanks to Tiffany and Tom). I love that I can share new things with my family and that the turkey doesn't have to be the end and be all of the meal.

Thanksgiving isn't about the food on the table as much as it is about being grateful. Being grateful not just for the food, but for the people who we share that meal with. Happy Love Thursday and a blessed Thanksgiving Holiday!