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Cindy Maddera

I call this place the Be Well of Stairwells and once a week I teach (more like lead really) a yoga class in here for people here at work.

We used to have a legitimate room with carpet, lighting that I could turn off, and a thermostat. But that room also contained about twenty heavy tables and a bazillion chairs that had to be stacked away before class and moved backed to exactly the right place after the class. Often, we'd get bumped from the room some times with warning, but mostly with out. The other room became more of a hassle then I was willing to deal with. So, when I was offered the stairwell, I smiled and politely said Thank you.

OK. It's small. I can get five or six of us in there with out causing too many injuries. The place is drafty in the cold months and steamy during the summer months. I have no control over the lighting.'s ours. We never have to move tables and chairs. We never have to worry about being bumped from the room. And as long as I remember to hang our sign on the door, no one ever bothers us.

I think this is my favorite class that I teach. I feel like I do less teaching and more sharing of my practice here. I think that the space forces us to drop certain personal space boundaries and the class is more at ease and relaxed. We laugh more and our final relaxation is more restful.

That room may look like a small dungeon cell to most, but to me it's a beautiful studio with hard wood floors and windows that let in the sunlight. It's the energy we choose to fill the space that truly matters. Happy Love Thursday!