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Cindy Maddera

Some times I really have no idea what my Love Thursday entry is going to be. Lately, the day before, I've been going out for walks with my camera hoping something will inspire me. My walking buddies and I put off our daily walk until the afternoon. By then the sun was out and it was warm enough to walk with just short sleeves. I took the camera because you just never know.

And then I saw this guy. On a scooter! With biker boots. But the best was when I caught a look at the back of his jacket. This dude is my hero.

This weeks Love Thursday can't be neatly tied up into one little box. It's in the unexpected and the unplanned. And the love that is being sent my way these past few days and weeks by friends is too big to even try to put into words. So I'm going to leave it with something totally silly stupid.

I love this Old Skool Biker on a scooter.