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Cindy Maddera

I've notice a growing consensus of a cloud of funk settling around everyone lately. I know the past few weeks have been hard on me and most of that has been due to me being over extended and just plain tired. All of this has been fuel for the crank monster growing in my belly. But this weekend, I finally started to see the death of that little monster.

The crank monster could have totally been uncaged on Saturday what with me locking my keys in the trunk (on the other side of town from Chris) and being fifteen minutes late for a yoga class I was subbing. But it wasn't. I had probably a good four hours of alone time, Chris made a huge dent in the office, and then we spent the evening with the Jens. I ate cheese, smores and more cheese and drank one too many New Castles. I passed out on the Jens couch around midnight with their dog Leela until Chris decided he was ready to head home (some time around 2? 3?). And then, this morning I woke up to sun and I was AWAKE! I jumped up, showered and slapped Chris on the thigh and said "Let's go to Ingrid's for brunch!". And that's what we did. Ate way too much and at one point in Target I was riding around on the end of the cart, too full and sleepy to move. But no crank monster.

Could it really all be about the time change? Because, yeah, I'm a little tired and hung over, but I feel lighter and more at ease then I have in a really long time. I don't even care that I have no idea when they plan to start on the kitchen (tile in the floor is gone; could start tomorrow or next month; dealing with Chris's brother here). But I'm pretty much ambivalent to it all. I have a space of my own. I've taken care of the things that I can take care of and that's all I can pretty much do. So.. Bring it on November! I'm ready for ya.