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Cindy Maddera

I can list all the things that did not get accomplished this weekend. The kitchen did not get demoed and only half of the temporary kitchen got assembled (OK...maybe more then half). Office is still in shambles. And I did not get Chris's sweater put together for our Christmas card (We are doing a card this year).

But who cares about all the crap that didn't get done. Saturday was bliss. Amy came up for belated birthday and we took her to 105degrees for lunch. For dessert, we went to Green Goodies because Amy had specifically asked for cupcakes on her birthday and no one had delivered. After her first bite of organic cupcake, she said "why is this cupcake bringing tears to my eyes?". Next thing you know, we were all crying. From there we headed to Gardenridge to help her pick out christmas ornaments and to walk off lunch. Picking out ornaments is thirsty business, so we ended up at the Urban Teahouse for tea. And the next thing we know, we've decided to head over to Pops for sodas. Whew!

Look at all that stuff we did accomplish! I did manage to get some things taken care of like laundry and groceries. Another thing I'm putting on the accomplished list is that I was not on the computer at all this weekend. I checked my email Saturday morning before going to sub for a yoga class and that was it. So I am behind on blogs and facebooks and tweets. But I can live with that.