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Cindy Maddera

Yesterday, I was tired and cranky and it totally reflected in my post. Later that day I reached over to write something on the "Things that Make Me Happy" list and I realized that I had more then just one thing to write down. I also read over the ones I'd listed and it cheered me right up.

The List continues:

  • Funny videos about bacterial conjugation
  • XM radio
  • Turning off the news
  • Time with Chris
  • Love Thursday's
  • When one of my favorite songs pops up randomly on my Pandora Play list
  • Thao with the Get Down Stay Down
  • Bonfire with friends and laughter
  • sunshine
  • Susan Bergen from the Farmer's market (there's a bigger entry here. the woman almost made me cry with happy)
  • Having tea at the a new tea house
  • That perfume I like that smells like blood oranges
  • Learning to grow my own veggies (part of that Susan Bergen entry)
  • Watermelon radishes
  • My new scooter keychain for my scooter key (it's a little blue scooter!)
  • Getting to watch a movie all the way myself
  • U2 in concert LIVE
  • Doing the wave in a huge stadium packed with people while waiting for U2 to take the stage
  • Loose leaf tea
  • Getting one task accomplished in the evenings after work

I've also noticed that more things get added to the list on weekends, then during the week. Which is a good reminder of why I have decided to not teach on those days.