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Cindy Maddera

Over the weekend we managed to get really lost (like 20 miles out of the way lost), find our friends at Fall Fest and eat and drink and laugh around a campfire. We did all our grocery shopping, planning our meals with the idea we'd have an oven/stove by now. No oven/stove. Pulled everything (almost) from Chris's office and partially assembled one desk and then we went to the U2 concert. We have got to stop cramming everything into one weekend.

When things get like this, I feel like tasks get only half way accomplished and never finished. Like Chris's office crap is going to be in the living room until we move. We'll be tearing up the kitchen floor soon to lay new tile. Meanwhile, we'll still be tripping over office crap. What's happening in our house right now is called multitasking on the most horrible scale. And since I've taken on the art of unitasking, this current situation is not sitting well in my gut (I feel the hives just below the surface).

And really? I don't know what's happened here either. That first sentence should have been something like this: "U2 was the most awesome concert in the history of concerts!". And they were. I'm still in shock and awe. I saw one of the most influential bands in the history of music, live, on stage, with a space ship! And if it hadn't been for that concert, the highlight of the weekend (really...the year), I'd probably be curled up in a corner, silently rocking, with remnants of desk construction instructions (35 fucking steps people) littered around me.

Maybe I'll put the desk drawers together this evening.