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Cindy Maddera

Today, I am thankful for my meditation practice. With the house being a complete mess, a kitchen remodel looming over head, and social obligations, my normal routine of things has been knocked off kilter. I'm a routine person, very much the girl of habit. When that gets messed up, I get a little cranky (I've been this way since birth).

Every morning this week the alarm has gone off and I have literally crawled out of bed. I've been so tired that I've just wanted to sleep in and skip the meditation. So, I kind of made a compromise. I've slept in the extra 15 minutes, but still get my practice done while Chris is finishing getting ready. It's made us about 10 minutes late every day (not really...we get to work around 8:00 and don't really have to be here until 8:30). But I feel that it's been worth it.

Lots of big changes coming up in the next few months. There's the chaos and destruction in the home. I have one month left in this lab before I move to the new one. I've never been one that handles too many changes at once very well. My meditation practice keeps me sane (or saner at least). I am thankful for those fifteen minutes that I devote to just one thing. And I am thankful for the peace that those measly fifteen minutes brings to me each day.

Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!