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Cindy Maddera

This week has started the social event ball rolling with the U2 concert. It's one event after another all the way through Sunday and some where in all of that we plan on getting the office in order. But even though I'm tired (I could use a really long nap) and the idea of dealing with the house makes me even more tired, I am thankful for the social activities that are planned this weekend.

Tomorrow is the 3rd Annual Ghouls Gone Wild Parade along with Zelda's Whores and Smores party. This year I am walking along with the Art of Yoga's float in the parade. I"M IN THE PARADE! All I know is that I'm supposed to show up in all one color, but I don't care. I"M GOING TO BE IN THE PARADE! So...I'm thankful for parades. I am also thankful for the pumpkin I'm going to carve at Zelda's. He's a white pumpkin that I've named George and I think I just now decided what he's going to be. You'll have to tune in later.

Have a great weekend and wonderful Thankful Friday!