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Cindy Maddera

There are so many things to be thankful for on this Friday I almost don't know where to begin. I'll start with the weather. Yesterday, some time after lunch, the clouds that had been like a quilted blanket over the state of Oklahoma finally started to break apart and move south. The sun came out and even warmed things up a little.

In hopes that this weather was planning on sticking around for a while, I pulled on my thigh highs, an extra layer of socks, jeans, t-shirt, sweater, coat, glove liners, mittens, and a scarf and hopped on my scooter to scoot to work this morning. I was about half way to work when I realized that I could no longer feel the tips of my fingers and that I had no legs. But instead of slowing down, I picked the speed up to fifty (or so) and relished in the blast of cold wind. It's been weeks since I've been on the scooter and I feel like my soul really needed the ride this week.

We have some big construction things coming up; projects that make my stomach hurt just a bit. Mrs. Swan decided that since the oven was kaput, it was time to rip out the old kitchen and start new. This is great because maybe I'll have a kitchen I actually feel comfortable cooking in, but sucks because we will be with out a kitchen for a while (the work is being done by Chris's brother. if he would actually communicate his plans, we could help and speed things up a bit, but Chris's family is retarded). All of this coincides with Chris's latest office remodel.

Chris is carving out a nook for me in the office so I will have my own space. I'm pleased about this for two reasons. First. MY OWN SPACE! And Secondly. The last time Chris carved out a nook for me in an office it was at the old place. I had three blissful months of my own desk space and then he moved us in with his mother. I'm hoping history will repeat itself here, but move us out of his mother's house.

Wow! Didn't mean to drag the Thankful Friday entry out so long. That's what I get for missing a week. Be thankful for the weather, the friends you plan to share it with, and even the changes it may bring. Happy Friday!